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Toll-Free: 877.351.1060 

 (in NC): 910-673-0692



Mailing address:

1267 Seven Lakes North,

119 Overlook Dr.

West End, NC 27376




Looking for voice talent?  We’ve got you covered.

Here at Voice Scouts, we’ve got the voice talent to fit all of your project needs.  Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll discuss talent options and make suggestions. 


Please keep in mind that our talent are located throughout the Midwest and across the country and may require a phone patch.  If you have any questions regarding where a specific talent is located, please let us know.

Know exactly what you want?  Go directly to the voice demos:



Need help describing the voice you’re looking for?

Let us help—look over the list below and we’ll find the perfect match for your project.

  • Accents (various)
  • Dramatic
  • Accessible
  • Foreign Languages (various)
  • Authoritative/Announcer
  • Friendly
  • Blue Collar
  • Quirky/Offbeat/Unique
  • Cartoon/Animated
  • Raspy/Sexy
  • Character
  • Smart-Aleck
  • Classic
  • Storyteller
  • Comedic
  • Traditional
  • Conversational
  • Urban/Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Cool/Hip/Edgy
  • Whimsical
  • Deadpan/Dry
  • Young Person


Voice Scouts.  Find Your Voice.